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National has worked very hard this past year to establish itself as the umbrella that serves and facilitates all of the NLYM chapters. At the beginning of the school year our goal was to focus on expansion. We are proud to announce that in addition to our Newport Mesa and Greater Orange chapters we have recently added two new chapters: Yorba Linda and Tustin. All combined NLYM has 700 members!! Word has it there is interest in the Pasadena/San Marino area. There is no stopping us now!

This past year we were delighted to have representatives from Newport Mesa and Greater Orange on our National Board. Kyle Team and Kathy Salmond provided valuable insight to keep us abreast of the chapters accomplishments.  While all of us have been members of our respective chapters it is imperative to have their voices to keep us in the loop.

At our June Board meeting we were excited to welcome new members representing all four chapters to our National Board. Currently our Board is comprised of the following dedicated women: Mary Pat Lucas, President; Diane Edmonston, Vice President; Robyn Randle, Recording Secretary; Arlene Silvers, Treasurer; Sandra Ayres, Director of Expansion; Cheryl Bui and Elise Luckham, Vice President of Chapter Support. Our Chapter Representatives are Camille Strader, Newport Mesa; Rondi Walsh, Greater Orange; Lorrie Cordova, Tustin and Karen Holman, Yorba Linda. Jenny Smith and Monica Gutierrez are serving as Member at Large and Administrative Coordinator respectively.  We also have two committees: Marta Romine, Web Master; and Susan Friend, Philanthropy. All of these women have given or will give effortlessly their time and commitment to further the mission of NLYM.  It is because of them and each chapter’s enthusiasm that we all have been able to accomplish much.

We are especially proud of our Young Men from Newport Mesa and Greater Orange. The numbers tell the story…. they have contributed 8,675 direct philanthropic hours and 1,426 indirect hours for a combined total of 10,101 hours!!! The highest number since our inception. By “Empowering Young Men through Leadership, Service, Culture and Protocol” our Young Men’s lives are being enriched. Communities, philanthropies and individuals are benefiting immensely from NLYM’s desire to make a difference.  Many of our Young Men not only received NLYM hour’s awards but also were honored by their respective schools for leadership, philanthropy, academics and athletics. The passion and energy of our Young Men inspires us.  Mothers and Sons are working together and creating bonds and memories that will last a lifetime!

Submitted by:
Diane Edmonston, National Vice President
June 2012


History Behind National League of Young Men, Inc.

National League of Young Men, Inc. (NLYM), initially named Beach City Service League, was founded in 2007 in Newport Beach, California by Diane Edmonston and Mary Pat Lucas. Their goal was to provide a unique program of leadership, service, culture and protocol opportunities,  for the young men in their community, while at the same time strengthening the mother-son relationship.

NLYM launched its first year with the Newport Mesa Chapter; grades nine and ten, totaling 43 High School Young Men and 42 Mothers. Within two years the Newport Mesa Chapter grew to four classes including grades nine through twelve and a second chapter was started in Greater Orange. 

In 2009 when additional communities began asking about how to start a chapter in their area, the name was changed to National League of Young Men, Inc. and a National Board of Directors was created to facilitate the chapters and pursue expansion. 

Today there are thirteen chapters; Newport Mesa, Greater Orange (est. 2009), Tustin (est. 2012), Yorba Linda (est. 2012), Mercer Island (est. 2014), La Jolla (est. 2014), Irvine North (est. 2014),  Issaquah/Sammamish (est. 2015), South Coast (est. 2015), Lake Oswego (est. 2015), West Bellevue (est. 2015), West Valley (est. 2016), and Palisades/Brentwood (est. 2016) with over 2,000 Mothers, Young Men and Sustainers as members of the National League of Young Men, Inc.
NLYM is committed to providing a quality program and developing long-term partnerships that will provide benefits to not only the young men but also their surrounding communities. National League of Young Men, Inc. aspires to offer gratifying experiences for their young men and to help them learn that the greatest joy in life truly comes from serving others and discovering the confidence and courage to do so.

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