Lake Oswego NLYM

The Lake Oswego Chapter of National League of Young Men, Inc. was founded in 2015.  Our chapter is open to mothers with sons who live in the city of Lake Oswego or attend high school in the Lake Oswego or Riverdale school districts.

During the young men’s four years of membership, we introduce them to education, practical training, guest speakers and direct involvement in four areas.

Leadership – Our young men are encouraged to serve in at least two leadership roles during their membership.  NLYM activities and events focus on character development, responsibility, and accountability.

Service – Our young men have the opportunity to serve non-profit organizations of their choice.  We hope they embrace service and find this work rewarding and important in their daily lives.

Culture – We believe there is significant value in enriching and stretching the young men’s knowledge of human creative achievements such as fine arts, music, dance, theatre, and literature.

Protocol – We prepare our young men to be adept in social etiquette.  They learn that being a true gentleman is about having genuine respect for yourself and for others.

Our chapter engages with a wide variety of local community service organizations, including the Autism Society, Habitat for Humanity, Lake Oswego School District, Lakewood Center of the Arts, Northwest Children’s Outreach, Oregon Food Bank, Oregon Humane Society, SOLVE and With Love.

Lake Oswego Chapter of National League of Young Men, Inc.
PO Box 1514  Lake Oswego, OR 97035