Our Mission

National League of Young Men, Inc. (NLYM) is a non-profit organization for young men in grades 9-12; this structured program for mothers and their sons promotes the development of young men into community leaders through leadership involvement, charitable and community service, cultural experiences, and protocol education.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

National League of Young Men, Inc. is committed to being an organization that represents and cultivates compassion for all people in the communities in which we live and serve. We aspire to develop young leaders who promote respect for every individual. In this endeavor, we find a higher purpose for fostering and valuing inclusion and diversity.



Our young men are encouraged to serve in at least two leadership roles during their membership.  NLYM activities and events focus on character development, responsibility, and accountability.


Our young men have the opportunity to serve non-profit organizations of their choice.  We hope they embrace service and find this work rewarding and important in their daily lives.


We believe there is significant value in enriching and stretching our young men’s knowledge of human creative achievements such as fine arts, music, dance, theatre, and literature.


We prepare our young men to be adept in social etiquette. They learn that being a true gentleman is about having genuine respect for yourself and for others.

Our Chapters

current chapters and contacts

Mother Members

Mothers are the heartbeat of a chapter!

Community Service

Mothers are not required to complete a minimum number of service hours but have many opportunities to serve the community with their sons.

Mother Meetings

Mothers meet five times a year to conduct chapter business. Meetings frequently involve engaging speakers or fun projects.

Chapter Operations

Mothers support the operations of a chapter by using their skill sets, or learning new skills, in a variety of chapter-wide jobs each year.

Want more information about bringing National League of Young Men to your community?

NLYM is growing every year.  For more information about starting a chapter, please contact

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