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Welcome to the National League of Young Men!


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Mission Statement

National League of Young Men (NLYM) is a non-profit organization for young men in grades 9-12;
this structured program for mothers and their sons promotes the development of young men into community leaders
through leadership involvement, charitable and community service, cultural experiences and protocol education. 

From Mercer Island, Washington, "League fosters community leaders"


The National League of Young Men was founded to foster future community leaders through a program for high school boys. The new Mercer Island chapter is the first chapter outside of the state of California.

The program provides young men the opportunity to lead and to serve and meet others involved in community service.

The group recently worked to create a special holiday experience for a large group of homeless men in downtown Seattle, taking care of everything preparing and cooking a holiday meal, setting up and serving at the event, and collecting all their necessities and making gift bags for each of them.

“It was amazing to see how much they appreciated it and how we can really help,” said Colin Gersch. [More...]

 Brett Super, '17, Newport Mesa Chapter, shares his thoughts in "Learning a life lesson in a church parking lot."

"Yeah, somewhere in here it says something about people who haven't found God are the walking dead," the bearded homeless man said to a volumeter. "I think it means they have no sense of wholeness because you have not let God in yet."

They were both holding Bibles over their hearts. This caught my attention.

I shifted my gaze from my vat of 90 soon-to-be-scrambled eggs to his weathered and dignified face. He looked back at me, and I quickly went back to the safety of my work.

Shortly after, all the people who had arrived at The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa were holding hands and saying a prayer in unison. [More...]



National League of Young Men, Inc. (NLYM)

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